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Image is of a right hand with pointed, black nails, holding a striped snake. The hand is nestled amongst greyscale roses, with a dark red heart with an eye in its center flanked by lavender stalks on either side, with a small, dark red crescent moon on the pointer finger.

“Master, you have stated she was so called because she inspired [humanity] with carnal desires.” Dialogue between Rabbis Abba and Simon, The Zohar: Bereshith to Lekh Lekha

Welcome to my digital cabaret!

I’m your hostess with the mostess and star of the show, Lex Leostara.

The basics: I’m a Black, genderqueer femme/woman in my late 20s living in the beautiful Windy City. I’ve been kicking around the world of power dynamics and BDSM on and off for all of my adult life after walking in (oh the irony!) on a femdom roleplaying scene while playing a MUD as a pre-teen. I was diagnosed with autism as an adult, and I have a mild mobility-impairing disability.

When I’m not working on this blog or my primary business (I’m a full-time writer, visual & performance artist, and witchy wonder), I enjoy tae kwon do, pole fitness, reading, trying my hand at learning how to play board games & video games, museums, documentaries, making all the art (despite it being my jerbsy job), and of course, having fun kinky sex when I have the opportunity 🙂

This blog is dedicated to my project of reframing my own carnal desires, to chronicle my dating and relationship shenanigans + growth, to write about my experiences as an adult autistic person when it comes to intimacy (especially in light of childhood abuse & adult domestic violence), and to sharpen my sense of self as a dominant femme.

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